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The DDL-20 extender is specially designed for the long distance transmission of 4K signals. The maximum transmission distance up to 100m. It is perfect for simulation, corporate, medical, electricity, petroleum, and education markets where 4K UHD signals transmission is needed.

DDL-20  Duallink DVI Extender


The DDL-20 Duallink DVI 4K extender is divided into the transmitter DLK-IN and the receiver DLK-OUT. It transmits 4K Ultra HD signal up to 100 meters without loss using two conventional CAT.6 UTP cables. Plug and play, it is very easy to operate. The DDL-20 greatly reduces the complexity of the wiring with its cost-efficient and highly-reliable performance.


  • Converts Duallink DVI 4K signals from transmitter to twisted pair signals
  • Maximum transmission distance up to 100m
  • Transmits double DVI bandwidth data, the maximum clock rates is 330MHz
  • Supports UHD signal transmission
  • Supports 3D
  • DVI 1.0 standard
  • Self-detecting function for EDID
  • Plug and play, no setup needed
  • Compact, durable and highly reliable
  • Conventional CAT.6 UTP cable available
  • LED indicator light for source signal presence and power
  • Parameter

  • Supported 4K Resolution: 2560×1440@60Hz 2560×1600@60Hz 3840×2160@30Hz 4096×2160@24Hz
  • Supported 3D Resolution: 1920×1080@120Hz 2560×720/800@120Hz
  • Input TMDS: 1.2Vp-p
  • Input DDC: 5Vp-p(TTL)
  • Max. Transmission Distance: 100m(Using CAT.6 cable)
  • Transmitter Connector: One Duallink DVI(Input), RJ45(Output)
  • Receiver Connector: RJ45(Input), One Duallink DVI(Output)
  • DC Offset: DC 5V 1A
  • Video

    4K UHD Signal Extender DDL-20