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4KDVB Service
4KDVB service commitment
  • The hardware devices has one year free repairing service (except for man-made damage).
  • Timely, effective and low cost after-sale service and technical support.
  • Adequate service platform, logistics system to provide customers with the most convenient, and efficient service.
  • 4KDVB service policy
    If the breakdown is caused by machine's own quality, customers can enjoy maintenance services by filling in original warranty card in 4KDVB's authorized service center.
  • Please keep the customer purchase voucher and warranty certificate together as warranty certificate, if you lose it, no other copy is available.
  • At each time, the maintenance center will check the machine's manufacturing number and its warranty certificate.
  • The warranty card and the purchase invoice shall be invalid if altered.
  • The maintenance center will reject the machine if is breakdown after being modified or retrofitted.
  • In following situations, machine can be repaired with charge.
  • Products beyond the warranty period.
  • Damage caused by improper use, maintenance and keeping.
  • Non-authorized repair center caused dismantling damage.
  • The model number on the warranty certificate is not matching with the product which needs repair.
  • Damage caused by irresistible force.
  • Failed operation caused by not following the instructions.
  • Failure, scratch or damage caused by moving or dropping.
  • The above only is for reference. 4KDVB Technologies Co., Ltd reserves the right of final explanation.